Tenant Screening Tips – Learn More About Screening Factors That Are More Accurate Than Credit Scores

Are you planning on investing in rental properties in the Miami area? If so, one thing that you’re going to have to do before renting to a tenant is screened them to make sure that they will be a qualified tenant to live in your Miami rental property.

Although most landlords in Miami will tell you that they only look at a potential tenant’s credit score to determine if they would be a good fit to live in their rental property or not, the reality is that there are other factors that are more important than credit scores.

What else should you be evaluating when considering a tenant, besides their credit score?

#1 – Are They Honest with You?

One of the first things you should look for when considering a new tenant is if they are honest with you or not. This is important because if a tenant is completely up front with you about their credit score, work history, or background, they will most likely be someone who will respect you as a landlord, pay their rent on time, and also be honest with you when they are going to be late paying their rent.

#2 – Consistency

During the process of screening a new tenant, another important thing to look for is consistency.

If a potential tenant is consistent with you when it comes to showing up on time for their first appointment with you and providing with their work, background, and personal references, they most likely will be consistent with you when it comes to them paying their rent on time each month.

#3 – Can Their Information Be Verified?

Last of all, but most important, when considering a prospective tenant, you should also be taking into serious consideration if their information can be verified or not. If their work history, references, and other information can be verified this is another important screening factor to consider other than just looking at their credit score.

Verifiable information is a sign that the prospective tenant will be someone you can trust to pay their rent on time and care for the rental property.

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