How To Protect Your Miami Home From Flooding

It’s the time of year in Miami when torrential rainfall can lead to flash flooding and a home can become a victim of flash flooding in minutes.

One of the best things that you can do as a landlord is protect your rental properties from flash flooding so that when the flood waters come you can have confidence that you properties are going to be protected.

How To Protect Your Rentals From Flash Flooding

  • Install foundation vents or a sump pump.Foundation vents, a form of “wet flood-proofing,” allow flood water to flow through your home, rather than pool around it. This both provides an outlet for flood water and relieves the significant pressure flood water can put on your walls and basement windows. Sump pumps are frequently used to pump water out of basements where flooding happens regularly. We recommend purchasing a sump pump with a battery backup, so that you can still use it if and when the power goes out.

  • Apply coatings and sealants.A form of “dry flood-proofing,” coatings and sealants that you apply to your foundation, walls, windows and doorways will help prevent flood water from leaking into your house through cracks.

  • Raise your electrical outlets and switches.All outlets, switches, sockets, and circuit breakers should be at least one foot above flood level in order to prevent significant electrical damage in the case of a flood.

  • Install check valves on your pipes.Make sure that all pipes entering your house have valves to prevent a flooded sewage system from backing up into your home. Gate valves are preferred over flap valves, since they provide a better seal against flood pressure.

  • Grade your lawn away from the house.If your lawn tilts toward your house, rainwater will pool around your home. Use a heavy soil that contains clay content and sand to adjust the regrade your lawn so that surface runoff empties into a more appropriate place, such as a street gutter.

  • Make space between your mulch and siding.Wet mulch can rot your house’s siding, which in turn can lead to leaks. Keep a space between your mulch and siding so that the base of your house can completely dry after rainstorms.

  • Point your downspouts away from your home.If your gutter runoff is not pointed away from your house, and in an appropriate direction, it will pool at the corners of your house and may eventually create leaks in your basement.

Last of all, but most important, don’t forget to invest in flood insurance! This is something that every landlord in Miami should have!

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