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Being a landlord is hard work especially having to deal with an eviction. There are multiple reasons why a landlord needs to evict a tenant. The most common reason is non-payment of rent, lease agreement violation, committing a crime on the property or possibly harming other tenants or neighbors.

As unpleasant an eviction can be, it is necessary to protect the investment. Unfortunately, it can be a lengthy process and if the required procedure is not followed you will definitely be inviting trouble.

It is imperative to follow state laws to evict a tenant. There are required documents that need to be filed on a timely manner. By skipping any step or by not completing a step on time, can prolong the process which in return creates a bigger financial loss.

If your not experienced in evicting a tenant it is recommended that you hire an eviction attorney or a management company to handle your case. We at Miami Property Management LLC understand the urgency to evict a tenant fast and effectively so we can turn a non-performing assets back to cash flowing assets.

We have handle plenty of evictions in Miami and Broward county and understand the process. Let us help you regain possession of your investment today.

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