Do Landlords Have to Provide Pest Control in Florida?

Are you searching for information online regarding if a landlord in Florida is required to provide pest control for the rental property? If so, the answer to this question is yes. Under Florida law, a landlord for an apartment (not a single-family home or duplex) is responsible for dealing with pests including rats, mice, roaches, ants, wood-destroying organisms, and bedbugs… unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Some Landlords May Not Assume Responsibility for Pest Control

There’s no denying that in Florida we have a wide variety of insects, pests and other critters which are not prevalent in other states, that’s why Pest Control is definitely important.

Assuming your lease is silent on pest control, direct your landlord to Florida Statutes, section 83.51.

Tips for Keeping Your Rental Pest Free

It doesn’t matter if you live in a single-family rental property, condo, or town home, pests like cockroaches, ants, and other bugs can infiltrate a rental property at any time. This is why it’s always important for every tenant who lives in the rental property to follow these steps to keep their rental property pest free.

Step 1 – Always clean up all trash and food debris from the kitchen after cooking. This is an an important step to follow because, if you leave crumbs or food out on the kitchen counter, it will call cockroaches or other bugs who may think that you’re inviting them over for a quick meal.

Step 2 – Clean your kitchen and your home at least once a week, especially if you enjoy eating in the living room on a regular basis.

Step 3 – Always eliminate pests or other critters from the moment that you first observe them. This includes ants, cockroaches, and other bugs who may have infiltrated your rental property because if a bug is allowed to live, there’s no knowing if it will escape the parental property and go and tell their friends to come and pay you a visit.

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