What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

One of the hottest topics of conversation on the internet over the last two years has been emotional support animals, especially in Property Management circles because more tenants than ever before are asking their landlords to allow them to have an emotional support animal to live in their rental property.

Although landlords have to abide by fair housing laws, a landlord may not discriminate against anyone, especially if they have to have an emotional support animal, but that doesn’t mean that a landlord cannot take the time to verify if the tenant indeed is qualified to have an emotional support animal living in their Rental property or not.

How To Know If It’s An Emotional Support Animal

The first and only way to know that your tenant has a legitimate emotional support animal is to require them to submit to you a letter from their doctor or psychiatrist.

The ESL letter helps you know that your tenants desire to have an emotional support animal is legitimate and you can have confidence that it’s an animal that’s specifically helping them in some way.

If your tenant is unable to provide you with a letter from their doctor, the animal can be classified as a pet and be subject to your pet policy.

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