Legal Mistakes That Land Inexperienced West Kendall Landlords in Hot Water

Are you planning on investing in rental properties in West Kendall, or in the Miami area? If so, there are a variety of legal mistakes that you don’t want to make.

In this article, we will list some of the most common legal mistakes that you don’t want to make so that you will save yourself the hassle of potentially making a decision that could cost you a lot of time and money.

Legal Mistake #1 – Using A One-Size-Fits-All Lease

The first legal mistake that you don’t want to make is using a one-size-fits-all lease. This is a mistake because these leases are not created for your specific area, could pose huge problems for your business, and potential court time for you later on.

For best results when it comes to leases, you should have a lease created that’s 100% original and specific to your business, that way you can avoid potential legal problems which could cause problems for you later on.

Legal Mistake #2 – Not Screening Your Tenants

Another legal mistake that you don’t want to make is not screening your tenants. This process only takes minutes out of a day and can literally make the difference between renting to someone who could be a great tenant for you over the next year or renting to someone who will make your life difficult when they don’t pay their rent on time, cause problems, and potentially do something to violate their lease.

Mistake #3 – Not Following Fair Housing Laws

Last of all, don’t make the mistake of not following Fair Housing Laws. These are laws that every tenant expects to be applied to them, so for best results when renting to new tenants you should always screen each tenant by asking the same questions and follow the same procedures each time. Why? If you appear to show a preference for one tenant, race, or gender over another you could set yourself up for a Fair Housing lawsuit.

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