Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning?

One of the top questions that renters have across the United States is if it’s the landlord’s responsibility to provide air conditioning in the rental property?

The answer to this question is no, landlords in Florida are not required to provide air conditioning in a rental property.

A Landlords Responsibility Is to Make Sure That the Rental Is in Habitable Condition

The responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that the rental property is first in habitable condition, this means among other things that the rental property should have running water, working electricity, safe, secure, a roof that does not leak and be free of any harmful chemicals or materials.

Once a landlord has met their responsibility to ensure that the rental property is in habitable condition, they can move forward with confidence knowing that they are providing their tenant with a great place to live regardless if the rental property has air conditioning or not.

Some States Do Require Landlords to Provide Air Conditioning

Even those landlords in Florida are not required to provide air conditioning in their rental properties, some cities do however require landlords to provide “refrigerated air” that’s at least 20 degrees cooler than the temperature is outside.

The cities that do require air conditioning include Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. Both cities have reached 110 or hotter during the summer months so it makes sense for a landlord to equip their rental property in these cities with air conditioning because, without air conditioning, a rental property in the Dallas or Phoenix areas would be considered to be not habitable.

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