Your Tenant Just Moved Out, Should You Change The Locks? Yes!

After their 12 month lease ended, your tenant just moved out of your Miami Rental Property. The tenant left the property in great shape and had it professionally cleaned before they moved out so it’s not going to take you much work to get that property in rent ready condition.

The big question is should you change the locks before renting your property to new tenants? The answer to this question is yes!

Why Change The Locks?

According to the latest FBI Crime Statistics, 73.2% of all burglary offenses committed were on residential properties, so it is easy to understand why some tenants might be wary of their locks not being changed. In addition to someone probably having a copy of your key, there is also the possibility that the lock might have been damaged in some way or form by the previous tenant, making it less secure than it once was.

How To Save Time And Money Changing Locks

Yes, changing the locks on your rental property can be time consuming but the effort is worth it especially if you want to ensure that your tenants are protected.

One of the best ways to save money changing locks though is to save the old locks and rotate them between your rental properties. You can also save money changing locks by investing in a solution like the Kwikset smart key system.

With the Kwikset smart key system, you only have to purchase a lock once then it only takes seconds to re-key a lock each time your tenant moves out.

Save Time And Money With A Property Manager

Tire of managing your rental properties yourself? Contact Miami Property Management, LLC today by calling us at (305) 428-3904 or click here to connect with us online.

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