What to Do When Your Tenant Leaves Some Things Behind After They Move Out of Your Rental

Did one of your tenants recently move out of your Miami area rental property and after you inspected the property you found that they left some things behind? This is something that can happen during the years that you own rental properties but the good news is that there is a way to handle this situation especially if you follow these tips.

Tip #1 – Find Out Why They Left and If It Was in Accordance with Your Lease

Let’s say that your tenant moved out in accordance with their lease, or you legally served them with a termination notice, in these cases, you will have legal grounds to stand on and shouldn’t think twice about removing their items from the rental property.

If your tenant was evicted or they disappeared from the property, in these cases you should place their belongings in storage and try to contact them and arrange for them to pick those items up.

Tip #2 – Determine What Belongs in The Property and What Should Go

The first thing to do when you’re inspecting your Miami Rental Property is to determine what stays in the property and what goes.

This step is important especially if your rental property was partially or completely furnished before a tenant started renting, you want to find out which furnishings actually stay in the rental property and which furnishings do not belong there.

When determining which of your former tenants’ belongings you should actually keep, you should also be removing any obvious trash or garbage from the rental property because you don’t want to attract bugs.

Tip #3 – Place Your Former Tenants Belongings in Storage

Once you’ve determined what items belonged to your former tenant, you should place those items in storage for 30-60 days and then contact the individual with an opportunity for them to arrange pickup of those items.

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