Tips for Getting Your Rental Property Ready for Fall in Florida

Fall is officially here and even though the weather is still warm in Miami, we can expect it to gradually cool down in the weeks ahead, this is why every property owner should take steps now to make sure that their rental properties are officially ready for cooler, wet weather.

Get the Fireplace or Furnace Ready

Since we live in Florida, it’s possible that your tenants haven’t used the fireplace or furnace in their rental property since the spring. This is why it’s important for you to get that furnace or fireplace cleaned now and also change the furnace filter to make sure that it’s ready to function at optimal capacity.

Do A Safety Check of Your Entire Property

Another important thing that you can do to get your Miami Rental Property ready for fall is to do a safety check of your entire property.

Check all doors and windows to verify that their locks are working correctly. While checking doors and windows you should also be checking seals around them to verify that they are still working properly and don’t need to be replaced.

You should also look for cracks in the exterior of your rental property because cracks make excellent entry points into any home and should be sealed off.

Fall is a great time to do exterior work on a property in Miami because the weather is cooler and it’s possible to get more work done outside than you could get done during the summer months.

Clean Those Gutters

Besides following the tips that we’ve given you in this article so far, you should also take the time to clean the gutters on your property as well because they will have become clogged with leaves and debris from the previous months and should be ready for the coming rainy season.

Contact Miami Property Management, LLC

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