Should You Ban Certain Dog Breeds from Your Miami Rental Properties? Yes.

It doesn’t matter where you live in, the Miami area, many people are very passionate about their dogs and it’s not hard to see a wide variety of breeds of dogs on the streets of Miami on a daily basis.

The big question that you should ask yourself as an owner though is should you ban certain breeds of dog from your rental property? The answer to this question is yes.

Which Breeds Should You Ban?

Although you may have dogs in your home, you should set a standard and consider banning the following dogs from your rental property

Pitt Bulls – Yes, not all Pitt bulls are bad but the reality is that many are accidents waiting to happen because their owners fail to get them trained properly. Thanks to a recent study, we know that over a 13-year period, Pitt bulls were responsible for 284 fatalities in the United States. This is a risk that every landlord or owner shouldn’t take because it’s possible that the owner of the property can be held liable for the attack as well as the actual owner of the dog too.

Rottweilers – Like Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers have also been responsible for a large portion of dog bites and attacks every year. Sadly, this breed of dog only makes up about 7 percent of the actual dog population in the United States but they can absolutely be lethal if left untrained.

German Shepherds – Sadly, although they are an excellent guard dog, German Shepherds can also be deadly as well and are responsible for a wide variety of dog-related attacks each year.

If You Allow A Small Dog

Let’s say that you choose to allow a small dog to live in your rental property, you should clearly define which breed you will allow and require that the dog has been professionally trained because even small dogs like chihuahuas can be deadly.

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