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Upgrades That Will Add Value to Your Miami Multifamily Rental Property

Are you planning on updating your Miami Rental Property? If so, now is the perfect time to make updates especially if your goal is to add value to your property and generate more income.

In this article, we will share with you the top updates that you should consider making to your property, how much value they will add and the income that you can expect from these improvements.

Upgrade the Rooftop

Is the rooftop of your Miami Rental Property not being utilized? If so, you should start using this often-underutilized space by converting it into an outdoor space for your tenants.

Many tenants love outdoor spaces (especially if there is a great view) and they can often be enticed into taking a smaller unit in exchange for living in a property that has a rooftop space which includes a garden, space for lounging or entertainment.

Add A Washer and Dryer

There’s no doubt that washers and dryers are often overlooked upgrades to a multifamily investment property because they aren’t “sexy”. The truth is that adding a washer and dryer to each unit in your multifamily property or creating a dedicated laundry room can potentially add hundreds of dollars more per month of income into your pockets.

Offer High-Speed Internet

These days, everyone needs high-speed internet because we’ve all grown used to using fast connections for all of our online needs. If you start offering high-speed internet as part of the monthly rent, you can expect to retain more tenants because they know the value of great internet.

Contact Miami Property Management, LLC

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