Clock Running Out on Florida’s Eviction Moratorium, Leaving Landlords and Tenants in Limbo

The 1.7 million Floridians who’ve been receiving federal unemployment benefits through the CARES ACT will get their last check this weekend. The Senate is currently debating a second round of stimulus funding in the HEROES Act, but it’s unclear what unemployment benefits it would include and whether the legislation will pass. This comes as we approach August 1st and the federal and statewide moratorium on evictions will be ending. In months past, Governor Ron DeSantis has waited till the final hours before extending the moratorium. 

This leaves hundreds of thousands of Floridians wondering whether they need to find a new place to live or will be able to stay put. “Looking at it from a statewide basis, the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel found 1.2 million households that are having difficulty paying the rent and more than 800,000 could be evicted in the next four months,” said Sean Rowley Tenant’s Rights Advocacy Director for Legal Services of Greater Miami. The situation is also complicated for landlords, who’ve been required to pay for utilities and bills on their properties while tenants are protected under the moratorium. 

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