Miami-Dade is processing evictions again. What that means for renters and landlords

Larry Walden was earning $900 a week working as a cook at Miller’s Ale House in Doral, which was more than enough to cover his monthly $700 rent on his one-bedroom apartment on NW 16th Street in Miami.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic closed all Miami-Dade restaurants. Suddenly Walden, 51, who lives alone and has no other form of income, was stuck. He applied for unemployment and received one check for $600, part of which he used to pay a portion of his April rent.

But Walden said he never received another check. He went back to work on May 18, when restaurants in Miami-Dade were allowed to reopen at a reduced capacity. But his hours got cut, so he’s now only taking home around $500 per week.

“I’ve been trying to pay whatever I can, and my general manager sent the landlord a letter stating that I was back at work,” Walden said. “I told them I’m going to pay. I’m expecting to get paid this Friday and will pay some more again.”

Despite the communications, Walden’s landlord, Overtown Housing LLC, filed an eviction notice in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on Tuesday, claiming he owes $3,270.00 in unpaid rent and attorney’s fees as of Aug. 12.

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