Evictions are paused in Miami, but for how long?

Coronavirus has only been in the United States for a few months now but, and during it’s brief time here it’s changing the way that business is being done across the country, especially in the rental market sector because as of March 2020 evictions are paused in many cities including Miami.

How Long Will the Pause Last?

It’s completely understandable why the city of Miami has paused evictions because they don’t want to make the same mistake of evicting tenants now like they’ve done evicting tenants during hurricanes in previous years.

The big question now that many landlords and tenants want to know is how long will the pause On evictions last? The answer to this question is anyone’s guess because, unless Coronavirus cases have dramatically subsided by mid-May, it’s likely that we could see evictions paused in Miami through June.

Most Cities And States Are Pausing Evictions

Miami joins a long list of cities and states which have paused evictions. Pausing evictions was a smart move for the City of Miami to make sinse most renters in this area have been affected by coronavirus in one-way shape or form.

In a city that relies almost entirely on tourism, coronavirus has adversely affected Miami because, most people who would typically be working right now are no longer working since essential businesses have been shut down.

What Are Owners Supposed To Do?

One of the very best things that an owner can do right now to protect their businesses during coronavirus is to reach out to their tenants and find out if they will or will not be able to pay their rents April 1st.

If a tenant works in the hospitality field, and they’ve been laid off since coronavirus, it’s likelythey will not be able to pay their rent by the first so it’s in the owner’s best interest to do everything that they can to work with their tenant, even asking them if they could pay some money now towards the rent while deferring the remaining balance that’s owed over the next 12 months.

 Let’s say that a tenant is unable to pay any money towards the rent right now, the owner should contact their lender immediately to see if they qualify for a forbearance just so they can avoid foreclosure.

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